5 major reasons why you will choose Kirkpatrick for cross draw holsters over others


Looking for a good leather shoulder holster? You are on the right page, friend. Below are the 5 major reasons why you should choose Kirkpatrick for buying holsters. We do not polish information, thus, every ounce of information presented in this article is true.



5 major reasons why you should and you will choose Kirkpatrick holsters only


  • Made in the USA – before moving ahead, don’t you think the tag that says ‘Made in the USA’ is convincing enough? The USA is the most powerful country in today’s date, the companies, items that are produced there will never hold any low-quality goods. Kirkpatrick is licensed in the USA and has more than 7 decades of experience in hand. The workers have the ability to pull out the best from themselves and thus, the designs are no joke.
  • Goal – Kirkpatrick has a simple goal in mind since they are established. It was ever the money they seek, but the customers who seek the quality and beauty together in holsters. Kirkpatrick always had the goal to invent holsters, for example, leather shoulder holsters that last, that are beautiful and lastly, are reasonable and worth every penny of the buyer. Since the first day of Kirkpatrick, every employee strived to work for the same goal and it is the same today.
  • Usage and durability – the durability of any product matters. Even if we are talking about a single $5 pen or a $50 cross draw holster, their major usage matters along with the comfort and durability it is providing. Every dollar and penny is earned by hard work unless the buyer works in an illegal business and Kirkpatrick makes sure to make it worth it for you. The usage of Kirkpatrick products is easy and soft to use. You will be able to pull out the best from it automatically because they are originally designed to give you their best without any extra work.
  • Patterns – your patterns and their hands, not only their designs are excellent but with the option for the custom leather holster, you will be able to put forth your ideas. The custom leather holsters from Kirkpatrick hold a good value in the market. You will find a good variety of embellishments, material, decor materials to choose the best from. The workers at the company are known as skilled artisans because every holster at Kirkpatrick has a different essence from different craftsmen.
  • Price – people don’t usually step out of the house to buy a holster. A holster is an object that an individual would buy once in a decade as long as he/she is not an officer or someone related to it. Prices at Kirkpatrick may seem high to few but if you are expecting a model quality product, then you should be ready to pay a reasonable amount for it. Prices at Kirkpatrick are not high, they are calculated after all the materials and designs used in your order and they will never charge you any extra penny.
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