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Best Survival Knives | Fixed-Blade Knife Reviews 2021

If you are to get lost in the wilderness and choose only one item to take with you, what would it be? In the outdoor world, knives are your best survival tool to bring. Knives are the oldest tool known, and if you are in a life-threatening situation, having a tough knife can be a key to your survival. When things are getting serious out in the wild, having a quality survival knife is very important because it can get you through many things such as building a shelter, splitting firewood, opening cans, skinning, cutting rope, and so much more. Below are some of the general things to look for when buying good hunting and survival knives.

Guide to Choosing the Best Hunting and Survival Knives

Fixed blade

In a survival situation, a fixed blade is more practical. A folding knife may not be able to endure in the rough wilderness. A good knife should be ready to chop, cut, and many other things.

Full tang

Find a survival knife where the blade extends to the whole length of the knife. This gives more strength in various situations.

Quality stainless steel

Carbon steel is more rigid than your usual stainless steel, and it can stand many things.

Blade length

The ideal blade length is about 4 to 7 inches. A blade that’s too long can be hard to use when you need to dress or carve a small game. You also want to find a long enough knife that it will not get in the way.


A good survival knife requires enough thickness but not thick enough to interfere with delicate work. The ideal thickness is between 0.17 to 0.25 inches.

Good handle

A good knife handle should have strength, durable, and a good grip. Hollow handles can compromise the power of your knife.


What are the best hunting and survival knives?

Boot knife

As the name implies, this knife can be easily hidden in a boot. They can also be slipped into a belt or worn around the neck. Boot knives are double-edged and 5 inches long. Since it can be easily concealed, it is considered to be the best survival knife.

A boot knife can cut a rope, or through a seatbelt when you are trapped. It can be a good self-defense weapon in case you are in danger from an attacker. This can also be used in hunting when you cannot carry a larger knife.

Buck hunting knife

This knife has many uses, such as chopping, building, skinning, and defending. It is a sturdy choice and can stand longer wear and tear. While a buck knife is not mainly used for hunting, it is more for skinning.

Concealed knife

This knife is small and discreet and sometimes disguised as a common object that can be hidden under your clothing or in your wallet. It can serve as a self-defense weapon or when you need to cut something fast.

Combat knife

This combat knife is used by the armed forces and is designed to adapt to different situations. The combat knife is durable and can be very useful in a sticky situation. If you are simply hunting or on the battlefield, the combat knife can get you out in many situations.

Military knife

The standard-issued military knife is good to have. It can have a variety of uses when guns cannot do anything. For example, a military survival knife can do many things such as digging a hole and as far as food preparation.

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