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The 10 Most Muscular Women In Anime, RankedHave you ever wondered why people get addicted to watch anime online? By the end of this article, you will get to know how Anime attracts people and why.

It has been reported that more than 6000 anime has produced in which more than 3300 anime are aired on television. The anime that tops in the world is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood which has a rating of 9.08, followed by Steins; Gate which has a rating of 9.04, and Clannad After Story which has a rating of 9.02.

It almost becomes impossible to watch every anime that has been produced. Even if you spend your whole life without having a job, you cannot cover every anime produced.

At least one week is required to complete a 10-15 episode show, 2 weeks for a 30-40 episode show, and one month for a 100- episode show.

Watching anime regularly makes it addictive to people as the graphical art, colorful presentations, settings of area, and camera angles, all of these factors make the anime more visually appealing. When someone starts watching anime, it impresses them in a way that day by day they start spending more time watching it.


What does Anime do to attract the audience?


  • Anime has different forms of storytelling techniques. It represents the stories in a way that captures the minds of the viewers towards it. The roots of the storytelling tradition are in Japan due to which Anime is thoroughly different from Hollywood and Bollywood.


  • Anime creates completely different aesthetic vibes. The most identifiable feature across all anime styles that you will find is the reliance on varying degrees of large heads and high degrees of large eyes. Another attribute that can be found is a limitation in the number and complexity of the movements in the animation. Anime styles are entirely different, the overall look of the characters and the individual traits, due to which it enjoys a large audience.


  • Anime is not a particular Genre, instead, it provides a different set of Genres and Subgenres to the audience. Anime can open the gate to a new world of fantasy elements to you that your regular TV shows or movies cannot provide. If you are watching anime, then you can expect a whole set of different climaxes that can take away your attention in a moment.


  • Anime is a way through which many learn Japanese. It is an excellent tool for learning the Japanese language. You can learn Japanese by regularly watching Anime with English subtitles. You will be easily able to learn Japanese without any hard work and pressure. With fun, you will be able to speak Japanese in less time.


  • Anime is originally produced in Japan. Hence, through Anime, you can get a glimpse of Japanese culture. It can be difficult to understand Japanese culture from outside sources but anime will give you the chance of understanding Japanese culture in detail. If you ever visit Japan in your life, you will feel confident enough to understand everything and explore on your own.
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