Avoid These Common Errors When Selecting the Perfect TEFL Course


Are you thinking about teaching English in other countries as a certified TEFL teacher? There are various reasons why people choose to take that first step and leave the comfort of their homes to teach English abroad as a foreign language in other countries. Some may regard teaching English in a foreign country as a win-win situation and a heart that both the people involved. You will also get to learn about new cultures.

Some of the people go abroad to change the scenario. Others use their time to save money for traveling or paying off their debts. And some people who are there choose to work as certified TEFL teachers in another country because it is exciting and different from their everyday routine. There are few mistakes people do while choosing the TEFL course, have a look on them and avoid them in future if it occurs.

Taking a non-accredited TEFL course that fails to meet international standards

You all must have heard this line several times; something is better than nothing. Similarly, having training is better than no training but, if you are required to obtain a TEFL certification that will offer you the good training needed for a qualified teacher with a recognized certificate, then you must take classes that fulfill at least the following requirements.

  • Hundred hours of academic education and training and twenty hours of teaching experience
  • 6 to 20 hours of live practice teaching
  • Employs a curriculum that has been approved by a reputable, independent organization in the industry
  • All the instructions are provided by a university-level educator

These requirements are accepted by language schools and other organizations that hire foreign English teachers. 

Taking a TEFL course without any live teaching experience

It is vital to enroll in a course that includes live practice teaching with real ESL students for the following two reasons:

  • The first one is, it will give you hands-on experience working with real ESL students, which is crucial for developing the skills and confidence you will require for becoming a successful teacher.
  • Secondly, there are many language schools all over the world that do not accept TEFL certifications that do not include a practicum.

A practical should include genuine ESL students who want to learn English as a second language, as well as it should include experience teaching and observation in live classes.

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