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Curtains are one of the essential parts of every home. Blinds or curtains make our home more beautiful, provide extra privacy, and provides you keep your home warm in winters and let breeze enter in summers. The right choice of curtain can provide you with many benefits. Changing furniture or painting walls every next season is not easy, but curtains can help to change the look quickly. Having holiday seasons, you can turn your room decorations look entirely changed with the help of curtains.

Winters are chilly air and snow everywhere seems beautiful. In this season we need extra precaution to keep your home warm and cozy. The right choice of curtain can provide a big help in this process. Here are few tips about how a curtain can warm up your home this winter:

Choose dark colors:

While choosing colors for winters make sure you are going for dark color options which help in keeping the warm inside and chill at the bay. Try using black or blue or dark red according to your decorations and walls.

Blackout curtains:

Blackout curtains can be the right choice to use in winters as blackout curtains will block out the chill and cold breeze outside.

Thermal Curtains:

The best solution for keeping winters at bay is the use of thermal curtains. Thermal curtains are quite handy in winters, and they can block the winter vibes outside like no other curtain can do. Eve in the old type of windows which leave places to let air in the home they provide an adequate shelter.

Classic curtains:

The curtains with thick fabric and two drapes of fabrics attached to it are called classic thermal curtains. The thickness of fabric decides how good they are in keeping winters at bay. Use material and thickness according to your needs and decoration choose the curtains in dark colors to get more of it.

Side-Draw shades:

If you have big windows and or doors that slide open or close the side-draw shades are one of the perfect choices. You can choose the direction of curtains either right to left or start from the middle or both directions. Side draw shades create a perfect seal along the sides and tops to keep them look best and provide maximum protection against winters.

Balloon shaped shades:

The drapes have scallops at the bottom with puffy resemblance, and whenever the windows are opened or closed, they shape like balloons. The material is held together in the middle and presents an exquisite and beautiful look.

Roman Shades:

Elegant and beautiful types of thermal curtains are Roman Shades. The curtains help to keep direct sunlight and chilly winds outside the home. Roman curtains present seamless, smooth & appearance to the home.

Let’s wrap it up:

Thermal curtains are the best choice for winters, also make sure to follow a few tips to avoid your home getting cold like let sunlight enter in the day and close the curtains at night. So the sun warmth gets locked in your home. Happy winters!

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