Disadvantages of Judi Poker


There has been an increase in demand among bettors for a variety of poker games. Judi online stands out as the most preferred poking game. There is not much difference between Judi Poker and other poking games. Judi poker is easy as compared to others.

However, there are numerous disadvantages associated with this popular game. Here are some of the cons of playing Judi poker.

Not Legal in Some Countries

Judi Poker is regulated just like any other poker games. Numerous countries have restrictions on online gambling activities. You can locate this information on online casino listings. If Judi Poker is legal in your country, you will be able to access the websites in you region.

Unreliable Customer Service

Unlike live casino where the staff is always around, getting help Judi Poker might be an uphill task. There are channels to use such as live chats and telephone services that you can use to reach customer care representative. However, they are not as fast as land-based poker. Judi Poker is managed by software which run the entire games. Hence little human resource is assigned to this games as they are automated. 

Delayed Withdrawal of Cash

Live casino offers poker players instant pay outs. When it comes to Judi Poker, it could take a longer time to get your money. This is so because money has to be transferred to a bank account which might take time to be processed. 

Risk of Losing Money to Scammers

It may be hard finding a legitimate Judi Poker website. There are fake sites which will lure you with bonuses and other perks only to rob you of your cash ones you deposit. Before playing with real money, it is advised to find a reputable poker site and stick to it. Identify one which allows low start-up investments and bonuses. 

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