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For years, people have been told that healthy living is the key to a long and happy life, that’s why doctors have been telling us to eat better, lose weight and get more exercise. 

Rewarding Profession

Family medicine is one of the most rewarding specialties in healthcare and family physicians work with patients of all ages, from babies to the elderly, and are trained to treat them as a whole family unit. They provide preventive care for their entire families, not just one person at a time.

Family medicine physicians like myself Dr Lane Sebring can be found in many settings: hospitals and clinics; private practices; public health departments or schools; and even prisons.

An Opportunity To Make A Difference In Your Community

Family medicine is a specialty that allows you to help people at all stages of life. You’ll be able to take care of patients of all ages and provide preventive care for their entire family. 

You’ll also be involved in the community and work with other healthcare professionals, such as nurses, pharmacists and physicians from other specialties like pediatrics or cardiology.

Family medicine offers you an opportunity to make a difference in your community by providing care for your neighbors during times when they need it most whether it’s treating young children with common illnesses or helping older adults stay healthy at home instead of being hospitalized unnecessarily. 

Working together with other healthcare providers allows us all to share knowledge so we can provide better patient outcomes while lowering costs overall.

Treat Patients Of All Ages and Preventive Care 

In your first year, you’ll learn how to diagnose and treat common ailments as well as you will also learn when to refer patients to specialists in order to keep them healthy. 

In the second year, you’ll focus on providing care for patients with special needs such as diabetes or hypertension or high blood pressure.


Treat Common Ailments and Refer Patients To Specialists As Needed

As a family medicine doctor like myself Dr Lane Sebring, you’ll learn how to treat common ailments and when to refer patients to specialists as needed. 

You’ll also gain experience managing chronic conditions such as diabetes or asthma, educating patients about their health issues, helping them make healthy lifestyle changes and monitoring their progress over time.

Family medicine physicians often serve as the medical home for people who have complex medical histories or multiple medications that need frequent adjustment. 

They may also be called upon as part of disaster response teams during emergencies where there is an urgent need for additional physicians or other healthcare providers in the area affected by disaster events such as hurricanes or earthquakes.


Family medicine is an excellent field for those who want to make a difference in the world and help people in their communities. 

It’s also a stable career path that will allow you to enjoy life outside of work, such as spending time with your family or pursuing other interests like athletics or music and if you are ready for a healthy future, then consider becoming a family medicine physician.

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