Everything You Need To Know About An iCloud Lock For iPhone


Sometimes, the eternal doubt arises, can iCloud be unlocked? This security measure that Apple imposes on all its iOS devices since the arrival of iOS 7 and improved significantly with iOS 8. In principle, it helps us not to lose our device, or at least, to make it inaccessible if stolen or misplaced.

However, we must know the measures and tools that Apple makes available to us. If we know how to unlock iPhone and use all the functionalities properly, we will turn our iOS environment into a much safer ecosystem, provided with a series of measures that will allow us to coexist with new technologies easier, saving us the scares.

iPhone Blocked By iCloud?

Although the platform is iCloud, since everything travels through the cloud, the system is called “Find My iPhone Activation Lock”. Once we have lost sight of our iOS device, we can take advantage of the “activation lock” function to prevent anyone else from using our iOS devices, including the iPhone, whether we have lost it or if they have stolen it from us.

This lock is automatically activated on any iOS device as of iOS 7, and not only allows us to remotely unlock iPhone XR, but it will prevent both access and deletion of the data that the iOS device or the iPhone in question since to access it or restore it, we will inevitably need the access parameters.

This feature helps protect the device, especially when it has been stolen, greatly increasing the chances of recovering it. We remember that even if a device has been formatted, it is irretrievably linked to an Apple ID. Therefore, it will be reachable, and nobody will be able to reactivate that device without your consent. This technology is not limited to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but the Apple Watch also has its activation lock.

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