Flat Heel Sandals for Women – The Greatest Invention


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There is an age-old saying that goes, “shoes are a girl’s best friend.” Famous Italian shoemaker, Sergio Rossi, also believes that the shoe is an extension of the body. No matter the kind of relationship you prefer to have with your shoes, we are confident you would rather it worked for you than against you. Footwears are more than just fashion statements though. While some are suited for a slow, leisurely stroll during summer, others excel at powerful struts and confident strides.

These are some of the things that a woman ponders before she steps out in any footwear. However, since flat heel sandals reemerged on the fashion scene, the list of questions that women have to answer before choosing footwear suddenly became shorter. Flat heels sandals have so much going for them in terms of elegance, stability, versatility, mobility, and design. A flat heel sandal works just as well on a hot summer afternoon as it does on a romantic date or a board meeting.


Flat heel shoes used to be synonymous with old age (nicknamed grandma heels) and less elegance while high heels were reserved for the trendy. However, fashion has gone full cycle. As more designers realize that a tradeoff between comfort and aesthetics is not necessary, they have invested more resources in the research and development of flat heel footwears for women. The result is that there are more options for elegant flat heels than at any time in the past.


When you walk in heels, your center of gravity shifts, and you have to balance your weight on your ankles and the ball of your feet. This is not an art that every woman has perfected. For maximum stability, you need to employ your heels too, and that is something that flat women’s footwear affords you. You don’t need any special skills to walk briskly, jog or run in flat heels. However, flat heels are not without their disadvantages. Some flat sandals do not include in-soles and therefore, do not offer sufficient support for the in-step. This can cause a strain on the medial arch of the foot. Using an insole solves this problem and prevents other complications that could arise too.


As more fashion designers began to invest in flat shoe designs, more options became available to women that favored these classes of footwear. Nowadays, there are flat shoes for almost every occasion. Whether you are attending a wedding party, going on a leisurely walk in the park, on a date, or as a substitute or supplement for high heels, flat heel shoes work just fine. No matter the occasion, there is a flat heel women’s footwear to go.

Flat heel sandals are an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. Finding the right fit can be hard with the myriad of options available on the market now though. Shop on Wild Diva and choose from only the best, affordable flat heel sandals. Check out the collection

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