How to Get Call History of a Mobile Number


When we receive a call and we have no idea who is calling us, we can start to feel very uncomfortable. Is someone bothering us? Or is it just a mistake? Very quickly such unwanted calls can become a heavy burden for those who are confronted with them. We therefore provide some tips and simple measures to avoid such situations and to respond to them efficiently if necessary.

Private numbers and inappropriate calls

People with a private number may have good reasons to keep their number secret, for example because of their profession or because they do not want to distribute their personal data. Or maybe they simply forgot to disable this feature for their landline or mobile number.

However, when such calls become more frequent and therefore disturbing, there are two efficient solutions to put an end to this:

Activate the ACR (Anonymous Call Rejection) function of your mobile or your fixed telephone line. For your landline you will need to contact your telecom provider, who can usually be reached via a toll-free number.

Calls to private numbers very often come from commercial call centers. They will keep calling until someone answers. To avoid such calls, you can register at Once your telephone details have been passed on, companies and organizations may no longer call you for commercial purposes (direct marketing). This service can be renewed every two years. Using the JJSPY app is essential there.

Calls and messages from unknown numbers

If you continue to receive inappropriate or disruptive calls (hang up immediately as soon as you answer the call, you only hear background noise or nothing at all, etc.) from an unknown and visible number, different scenarios are possible. This can be commercial calls, fraudulent paying calls (which are extra expensive, often foreign numbers) or even intimidating calls (to harass you, to swear at you, etc.).

  • Block the unknown number via your mobile or the telecom provider of your fixed line: every call from that number will then be automatically blocked.
  • Register on the above website to block calls with commercial purposes.
  • Change your number through your provider.

Try to find out the identity of the number via search engines (eg 1207) or via other apps such as Whatsapp or Snapchat. It is often enough to store the unknown number in your contact list and then allow the apps to access this list. If the caller also has an account with these popular apps, you can also look up his public profile (with photo, name) and identify him / her.

Victim of threats or intimidation: what now?

If the ongoing calls come from a private person and you have decided not to block all incoming private numbers, you can complete a special form (downloadable here) and send it. You can also do this when it comes to calling a visible but unknown number or texting.

You will then receive a document with the identity of the owner of the number this may differ from the caller and if you wish, you can submit a complaint to the police station in your place of residence.