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Huasheng Capital 証卷行 Limited, Hong Kong’s Stock Market Information Services, its owning companies, and other affiliates of such parent businesses make every effort to maintain the correctness and validity of the information given, but they cannot promise it. And it shall not be responsible for any harm or damages caused by such errors or failures, whether the responsibility is based on law, agreement, or any different legal theory. The Huasheng証卷行 formal system includes the Huasheng Securities commercial webpage also known as the channel, and all data and contents are available through the channel and are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. Also, it should not be used to make commercial judgments. Even though the firm will make every effort to guarantee that the content is accurate, it would not be held liable for any mistakes.

The content and resources on the website are accessible through the system are not for sale, invitation, suggestion, advice, or assurance of any commodities, economic item, or service in any country. Securities prices alter a lot from period to period, and they might go increasing or decreasing, and they can even become worthless. Always be mindful of the potential dangers. The system’s data and material are dependent on (present) and (previous) availability and are open to varying at any time without warning; please keep up with the newest changes on the internet and smartphone apps. Customers may be directed to web pages that they are engaged in using the service. The following data is drawn on resources the business believes are credible, but the corporation cannot ensure its correctness, and the data may be partial or can be outdated. The client bears the responsibility of visiting third-party webpage hyperlinks. The firm will not examine, evaluate, supervise, or support the sites’ information, reliability, stated views, or related hyperlinks.

Because of the features of the Web, the network’s operations may occasionally face circumstances, such as disruptions, malfunctions, and other issues that may cost you discomfort, data loss, inaccuracies, meddling with people, or other financial losses. While utilizing the product’s resources, you must take precautions to safeguard yourself. For the circumstances stated above, the company would not be responsible for any losses resulting from your usage (or failure for using) the products supplied by this smartphone application.

Although the site has stock trading capabilities, must not be construed as pressuring any subscription or user to make a trade. You are solely liable for any online purchases. The system has implemented robust safety mechanisms to secure the personal information and transaction operations of digital stock trading customers. Nonetheless, their business wishes to warn clients that there are dangers involved with employing virtual stock investing intentional tort techniques. Transaction procedures are disrupted, postponed, and input mistakes occur as a result of data transfer across the Online and cellular communication networks, among other factors. Commission breakdown or transmission failure is caused by incorrect or inexperienced cellphone operations.

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