Is It Correct Not To Open The Gift That They Give Us In Front Of The Person Or People Who Have Given It To Us?


The opening of a gift can generate some controversies and doubts that only have to do with each place’s customs.

When To Open A Gift: On The Spot Or Not?

The opening of a gift depends on the moment, the circumstances, and the custom of the place where a person is. At least in Western countries, the most accepted rule is to open the gift in front of the person who does it and thank him.

If it is a party where the hosts cannot open the gifts because they are receiving their guests, they will leave it for a later time. But, they must do so before the people who gave them that gift have left.

If the gift is on the occasion of an invitation to a birthday party, the usual thing is to open it at the end of the meal, be it a lunch, a snack, a dinner, etc. After making the cake appear, gifts are usually opened.

Gifts Before A Meeting Or Celebration

If the gift has been sent in advance of our presence in that place, generally some flowers, it is a detail on the hosts’ part to have them displayed in a visible place in the house.

The same goes for wedding gifts. Generally, with some exceptions, they are not hand-delivered but instead sent. If they are given in hand, they are opened and appreciated. If not, they will be thanked by other means – call, card, letter, etc.

Other Customs And Traditions

In other areas of the world, as in many eastern countries, a gift is not usually opened in front of people. They are not inclined to show their feelings in public and do not consider that they should show in front of other people their enthusiasm for the gift – or their possible dislike. They prefer to do it in private.

Gifts not only from must always be appreciated, whether they are opened in front of the people who make them. Not thanking a gift is like not responding to an invitation: a lack of education.

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