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You cannot stop anymore. The scalp itches, and you have an irresistible urge to scratch it. What are the causes of this restlessness? How to deal with it? Our Best Barbers in Brooklyn will help you with it.

The scalp can become excessively dry and begin to itch. As a result, there is a feeling of irritation that does not give you some rest. This is evidence of an imbalance in the epidermis, the causes of which can be different.

Itching can be caused by stress and environmental hazards. The source may also be a violation of the sebaceous glands. This means that the cells of the epidermis are renewed too quickly, which causes frequent dandruff and scalp itching.

Other explanations for scalp irritation are hair care products. This is possible if they are aggressive or improperly selected. Other reasons include unbalanced power or wearing a scooter or motorcycle helmet too often.

For treatment, you can use sedatives for the epidermis.

These special pH neutral shampoos soothe itching. In any case, do not use moisturizing shampoos and masks. They will not help if the scalp is dehydrated. You can also try using anti-dandruff if it is connected with itching.

Finally, try to stay calm, eat better and massage your scalp to activate blood circulation. However, if after following advice your skin remains sensitive, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist for help.

In the summer, provide special care for your hair, since sensitive scalp is most exposed to the effects of the sun, chlorine from the pool and sea salt! Thus, do not skimp on sunscreen to your hair or just cover your head with a hat.

When you use a mask, serum or cream, do not forget to massage your scalp so that care products penetrate more easily. So the scalp absorbs the maximum amount of useful active substances, which will strengthen its condition.

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