Marijuana Pipe Etiquette: Tips for Smoking Safely and Comfortably


Weed Pipes: 10 Best Smoking Pipes for Weed in 2022 | 420 ScienceWhen it comes to consuming cannabis, there are many methods of ingestion. Some people prefer to eat it, while others prefer to smoke it. For those who smoke weed, pipes are often the method of choice. However, just because smoking a pipe is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis doesn’t mean there aren’t any etiquette rules to follow. Here are ten tips for smoking safely and comfortably from a marijuana pipe.

Ten Tips for Smoking Safely and Comfortably Out of a Pipe

  1. Don’t use too much weed. It’s easy to get carried away when packing a bowl, but it’s important to remember that less is more. Not only will using too much weed cost you more money in the long run, but it can also make you uncomfortably high. Instead, start with a small amount and increase as needed.
  2. Don’t touch the bowl. Once the bowl has been packed and is ready to be smoked, resist the urge to play with it or touch it unnecessarily. Not only is this considered bad manners, but it can also disturb the ashes and embers, making the pipe challenging to hit.
  3. Don’t hold the hit in for too long. Inhale deeply and then exhale quickly. Holding the hit in for an extended period will not make you higher—it will just make you cough uncontrollably.
  4. Don’t pass the pipe around too many times. If you’re sharing your pipe with others, be considerate and don’t monopolize it or pass it around too much. Too many quick-hire hits can make even the most experienced smoker uncomfortable. Instead, give everyone a fair chance to enjoy the experience. 
  5. Don’t put your mouth on the bowl while someone else is hitting it. This one should be self-explanatory—no one wants their lips to come into contact with someone else’s saliva! Instead, wait until the person finishes hitting the pipe before taking your turn. 
  6. Don’t inhale ash or embers by mistake when taking a hit from the pipe bowl—this can cause pain and irritation in your lungs (not to mention make you cough!). Instead, use a tamper tool or your finger (if clean!) to tap down the ash before taking a hit so that only fresh weed enters your lungs when inhaling. 
  7. Don’t use dirty water in your bong—replace it regularly, so bacteria don’t have a chance to build up and contaminate your weed-smoking experience!
  8. Don’t use a metal screen in your pipe—it can get too hot and burn your lips. Instead, use a glass or ceramic screen to enjoy a smooth, fantastic hit every time.
  9. Don’t use your pipe as a storage device—empty it after each smoking session, so the bowl doesn’t get too full of resin and becomes difficult to clean.
  10. Don’t try to smoke weed out of a pipe that’s not meant for smoking—it can be dangerous! Instead, use a pipe that is specifically designed for smoking cannabis so that you can enjoy a safe and pleasant experience.


Now that you know some essential marijuana pipe etiquette tips put them into practice next time. Then, enjoy a good sesh with friends! By following these simple guidelines, you can avoid any Awkward potential situations and be sure everyone has a great time. Most importantly, smoking cannabis should always be done responsibly to ensure an enjoyable & SAFE experience for all parties involved!

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