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Natural rugs are basically made up of processed plant species. They are non-toxic in nature this is why people love choosing them for their homes. They are available in high versatility of styles and designs with a long lifespan at affordable prices. They give a classy look to your space with a great mix and match with background decoration. Natural rugs are much easier to maintain as compared to that of synthetic rugs. As formerly told, they are available with high flexibility of designs and materials in the market. Some of their types for home use are explained here to guide you. Let’s get started with the guidelines.

  • Earth Weave Wool Rugs

These are flat low-pile wool rugs. They are attractive in their appearance and are non-toxic in nature because they are not treated with mothproof and other chemicals. They just need a regular vacuuming for long-term maintenance. They last for a long time if they are maintained well. They contain natural latex and are available in custom size so that you can use them in any of your rooms.

  • SeaGrass Rugs

These rugs are made with carpets material. They are not treated with dyes, insecticides or other chemicals. They can withstand heavy wear and tear, this is the reason people choose them for their pets and kids rooms as well as heavy traffic areas such as entry way of the home.

  • Novica Wool Rugs

These wool rugs are luxurious in nature and give a high degree of comfort under bare feet. They are dyed with natural colors and other treatments are avoided for these rugs but other than mothproofing and stain resistant coatings. They can be used in any of your rooms. They can be designed with custom choice.

  • Loloi Wool/Mix Rugs

These are also wool rugs but a mixture of natural and artificial found everywhere in life. They can be 100% pure wool rugs or Wool and jute mixture. They have big piles for the sake of attraction and comfort. They use vegetable dyes and no adhesives. They need professional maintenance so that the piles can be protected. You can use Loloi rugs in any room of your home; they will give a classy look to your space with contrast of excellent natural and artificial decorations.

  • Hook and Loom Rugs

These are wool or cotton rugs, which are more preferred by people because they are not treated with any dye or chemical so are non-toxic. They can be used in kid’s rooms as well as any other room of your home for natural comfort. They can be maintained by regular vacuuming. Cotton rugs are made with recycled cotton and are not treated with any latex, pesticides or flame retardants.

  • Organic Weave Wool & Cotton Rugs

The most beautified organic weaved rugs with textures on it. They are manufactured by utilizing cotton as well as wool so the comfort is of high degree. They are treated with natural dyes. Their raw material is not cleaned with any chemical or detergent. Raw fibers are not treated with any synthetic moth treatments or chemical flame retardants but the wool rugs contain latex. They are easy to maintain well for ensuring their longevity.

  • Lorena Canal Rugs

The cotton rugs, which are most demanded in modern age because of some benefits. They are washable and do not fade soon. They are manufactured by pure cotton and are dyed with natural colors.

  • Cali Rugs

Cali rugs are manufactured by jute, bamboo, cotton and wool or their mixture. The mixture makes them durable with their fresh form. They are not dyed, unbleached and are not treated with any chemical. They can be made by denim scraps, usually retain chemical fabric treatment of blue jeans or might be recycled.

  • Dana Haim Rugs

These are wool or cotton rugs, which use natural dyes to make their appearance attractive. They are handmade in Mexico. These rugs are easy and quick to clean. This is why people love choosing them as well as they are affordable in price.

  • Libeco Rugs

These are linen rugs, usually grown without pesticides. When it is in natural dyes, they do not need dye treatment. They can only be dry cleaned so that they cannot be damaged. You can hand wash them and dry them flat so they won’t wrinkle.




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