Overwatch Ultimates: Explained


The only thing you need to understand that the DPS ultimates charge fast, Tank ultimates charge slow and support ultimates are somewhere in between. I cannot say certainly about Supports because they differ too much. Like Ana with the insane healing potential could charge her key ability insanely fast and in a match, you could meet 3 or 4 of nano boosts.

Let’s look at the Genji who jumped around the battlefield for the whole teamfight and died only in the last seconds of it. Then you need to be sure and prepared that Genji would have Dragonblade at the next fight, and if your allies do not have anything to counter it, you will be doomed with the 100% probability. Especially if you are seeing that Genji is sitting on a tank, therefore, his shurikens would not be missed and he certainly will have enough ultimate points for casting it. He will return with the Dragonblade in the next fight.

The same could be said for other heroes considering their outgoing damage and healing. Like Reinhardt could swing his hammer full teamfight and you need to be 100% sure that till the next teamfight he will have an ultimate ready to crush it onto the enemies. If Mercy was the one who is responsible for keeping that Reinhardt alive, then she also will have enough energy to cast an ultimate and keep her allies alive for the next teamfight.

If Zarya was around there but your teammates were smart enough to stop focusing bubbled people, then, probably, she will not be ready to cast Graviton Surge. Keep your head cool and evaluate the situation all the time. This is the core of the Overwatch. The same could be said about Pharah, especially if she was killed fast enough. Do not fear her Barrage, especially if there is nothing to fear. Do not let these illusion threats to affect your gameplay.

Understanding who has ultimates and who hasn’t is one of the most important things that differ the professionals from rookies. You need to always keep in mind if an enemy has an ultimate ability and if they have it, how much it could affect the whole gaming situation.

Learn to predict ultimates and you will see how profitable it is to play around them, every booster from https://expertboosting.com is suggesting such an approach. If you will know from where to expect the threat, you could quickly focus the key target or just keep it isolated for long enough. By analyzing why you lost teamfight you will learn this extremely useful skill and will be less frustrated by the negative outcome.

Spend a few quick matches only by tracking enemy ultimates and you will quickly master such a great skill. You need to know how soon Ana would cast her Nano boost at Genji (if his Dragonblade is ready) or how soon D.Va would zone everyone with the self-destruct. You will notice certain patterns and even the changes in the behavior of players, they will play much more confident when they are sure that they could pop-up an ultimate ability. After some time you will be much comfortable with this and will insanely increase your winrate.

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