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Red pepper will help every guy get thick hair with Manhattan Barber. The constant aggressive environmental effects and the use of chemicals for the strands make it brittle and weakened. Every visit to the beauty salon significantly empties the pocket, and the dream of a beautiful hairstyle grows stronger. The usual red pepper will come to the rescue. It is an excellent natural growth activator that has a positive effect on the skin and the hair itself.

Among the huge variety of usefulness of a burning plant, it is possible to distinguish precisely those that favorably affect the health of curls:

– it stabilizes the sebaceous glands;

– has an anti-inflammatory effect;

– strengthens the roots;

– improves blood circulation;

– stimulates growth;

– treats dandruff and other skin diseases;

– solves the problem of hair loss;

– increases the density and gives strength to the hair.

How to apply a “burning” product? In most cases, red pepper is used for hair growth. It can be used with all types of curls.

When you carry out home procedures, you will need to have plastic gloves, a brush or a cotton swab to apply the product.

The composition may cause a burning sensation on the head, but this is a normal thing. Tingling is an evidence that the blood circulation process is accelerated.

Blood, saturated with useful elements, goes to the roots, which has a beneficial effect. Do not keep a mixtureon a scalp for a long time, otherwise you may harm yourself.

With all the positive effects of a natural product, there are contraindications:

– if your scalp has wounds, abrasions;

– personal intolerance to the product.

In any case, before the first use, you need to do a small test. Apply a little drop to a small area of the skin and check for irritation after two to three hours.

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