Playing Baccarat in GClub Websites


GClub casinos are a Southeast Asian online sports betting game franchise. Although it is similar to video games or internet games, these online casinos deal with actual money. They also guarantee 100% on paying the winning amount to the user.

Baccarat happens to be the most loved game in such online casinos and GClub.

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a game of cards. It is also known as “PuntoBanco”. The players are supposed to make bets on any one of the two hands referred to as “banker” and “player”. The values of the cards that are dealt with the two hands are then compared. The winning hand shall have the highest card score. This game entirely depends on the players’ luck.

Rules of playing Baccarat in GClub websites: 

Cards with numbers less than 10s are counted at face value. While the value of face cards like a king, queen, joker and 10s is zero (0). The value of ace cards is one (1). If the total score of the cards exceeds nine (9), then the double-digit shall drop the left digit. For example, if the total score of the cards is twenty-three (23), the total score shall be considered as three (3).

The dealer must deal two cards to each side at the start of the game. If the total value of the cards dealt is between zero (0) and five (5), another card will be drawn. No card can be dealt with if the total value is between six (6) and seven (7). If the total value of the cards is between eight (8) and nine (9) no extra cards will be dealt. However, the outcome of wins and losses will be calculated promptly. A third card can be drawn if the total points on both sides are equal and the game is a tie.

Result: If any side’s first two cards total eight (8) or nine (9) points, they win instantly. Also, if one side has six (6) points and the other has seven (7) then the side with the greater number of points shall win.

Betting in Baccarat:

Two more bets can be placed other than banker’s bet, player’s bet and tie.

The five bets are described as follows:

  • Banker Wins: In this bet, users bet that the total value of the banker’s cards will be more than that of the player’s. It has a house edge or mathematical advantage of 1.01% over the player’s hand or the tie.

  • Player wins: The bets in this win are placed in the if it is certain that the player’s cards have more value. The house edge is 1.29%. The benefit of making this bet is that a fee will not be charged if the player’s hand wins.
  • Tie: The bet is made whether the two hands have the same total value of cards. The users do not usually make bets on this as this has a house edge of 15.75%.

  • Banker Pair: This bet is placed only if one can be sure that the initial two cards of the banker’s hand will have the same face.
  • Player Pair: This bet can be placed if one is certain that the initial two cards of the player’s hand will have the same face.

Baccarat is a simple game of comparing cards and thus it depends on your sheer luck. It is an easy way to gamble if one understands the terminologies.

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