Proper Training for Your Frenchie


Once the puppies are old enough to go to their new owner, usually around nine weeks, you can go get your new roommate. We provide you with a food for the first days and a food list that are, guidelines for what, how much and how often you can give your new roommate the best food also the nest cuddly and of course a large dose of love from us. Your Frenchie bulldog puppy has also been chipped by the management board and a legally required DNA test has been carried out.

First Night

Without a mother, brothers and sisters, a first night is very difficult. Your puppy is not very happy and will not want to go to sleep straight away. We have had very good experience of having them sleep in newspapers with a towel over them in a box or box next to the bed for the first week. If your puppy becomes restless during the night, you can reassure the puppy with a short pat. It may also be that a puppy wants to pee, go outside with it and if it succeeds praise them exuberantly. Then both go back to sleep. It takes some getting used to. After a few days to a week, the puppy will be used to and will not disturb your night’s sleep.

Toilet training

Let’s start with something very important: make sure that your Bullet does not contaminate things for too long. We assume you have patience and a positive attitude; otherwise you wouldn’t have started a puppy. Every young creature needs to learn to master its bladder and bowel muscles. One has strong muscles, but is not so quick to understand. The other is smart, but yes, that stupid boss didn’t understand why he was pacing back and forth like this.

We just want to say: a time within which your Frenchie dog must be toilet trained cannot be indicated. In addition to the above individual factors, this is also due to your own approach. The more you go out with the puppy the first time to give it an opportunity to “perform” (after which you have the opportunity to praise it exuberantly for this), the quicker it will go. Still, there are some tools. Walking out immediately after a big tuk almost always gives results.

This is also recommended shortly after eating. A typical indication of high distress is when the puppy is scratching around nervously sometimes with his nose on the ground! Quickly pick up that French Bulldog. Otherwise it will be a lot correct! Try to go to the same place where he did something before. Don’t get dragged everywhere, but maneuver it gently on the leash in that spot. Do not pay any further attention to him, because then he will forget what he intended.

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