Selection of Hair Color on the Strength of Skin Tone


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Before buying a new color for hair dye, one must arrange an appointment with a professional stylist. Selecting a new color means to bring vivid change in your personality that can either go perfectly well or flop. Simple hair treatments can be carried out at home after selecting the hair color matching to your skin tone. The hair options are really complicated as the cool or warm colors are chosen on the basis of skin tone. To get a fabulous look, one must figure out the undertone and then decide the color. Mention Sephora code to buy the hair dye of your dreams on great concession.

Ways to find out the Skin Tone

First of all, wash your face to get rid of makeup traces. Select a place where there is excess of natural light or electric light. Wear a shirt or blouse that is admired by everyone. If the color of shirt is peach, orange or yellow, it means you belong to warm skin tone. Contrarily, purple, green and blue colors confirm the cool skin tone. If you look adorable in warm and cool skin tone colors, it means your skin carries the neutral tone.

Another way to determine the skintone is checking the color of wrist veins. Do you have green color veins? It shows the warm undertone, whereas the purple or blue color of veins shows cool skin tone. After finding the skintone, make selection of hair dye. Always choose two shades lighter or darker to get the right color even after wash out.

Hair Color for Warm Skin Tones

Buttery blonde, golden beige, pinky blonde, caramel, clove, butterscotch and golden copper colors are highly recommended for warm skin tones. If you need to get color highlights, blushy blonde and wheat blonde are suggested. Avail Sephora code to try warm highlight shades such as yellow, apricot, rose gold and coral.

Hair Colors for Cool Undertones

Cool hair colors like beige blonde, platinum, cool red and taupe baby blonde colors are perfect cool undertones. Moreover, mocha shades, burgundy and merlot can work well.  Cool red, cool pink, purple, green and blue are superb rainbow categories.

Neutral Skin Tones

In case, the color of veins is a mixture of green and blue, you belong to the neutral skintone group. It is noticed that neutral skintones are blessed with great color flexibility. They are given freedom to select any blonde such as pale beige blonde, cool platinum, amber blonde or golden blonde. As far as red color is concerned, it is up to you to choose strawberry blonde, auburn or cabernet.

Always remember that these hair color rules are meant to enhance your looks. Luckily, the hair colors are not permanent, so you can play with colors till you figure out the right shade matching with your personality.

Temporary hair color to cover the grey is popular as these need no bleach. For your assistance, pencils and sprays are offered to color the hair roots whenever you go outside. The color can bear the rain or wind factors. The Sephora code can be referred to get hair dye, hair foams, hair sprays, root concealer and highlights with great markdown.

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