Strategies to Enjoy Real Instagram Followers in 2021

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Have you ever noticed why it is suggested to have real Instagram followers? There are various benefits of having real followers. Take a look at the top 3. 

Merits of having real Instagram followers – 

  • Promote a cause – Everyone thinks to bring a change in the world or community. It is only possible when you have real followers.

  • Earn money – Having more followers help you to make money. This is because by Instagram you can reach more people daily. So, now the companies are contacting Instagrammer to advertise their products.

  • Popularity – Every Insta user wants to be seen and followed by others. It can increase your social value. 

To realize your dream of real followers, you have to do 2 things. Firstly, provide them a reason to follow you and then get connected with the right and active users.

Strategies to get real Instagram followers in 2021 –

With more than 1 million monthly users, Instagram is the most competitive destination to boost your followers. Nevertheless, growing an Instagram account is a complex task. Take a look at some strategies and tips you can try out.

  • Use Instagram reels – If you are ignoring Instagram reels in 2021 then you are missing out on a huge opportunity. This newest feature is a way to record a 30-second video clip. If shared to both explore page and feed, they prove as the game changer to increase your brand visibility.

  • Optimize your profile – It is essential to grow your following. Add an impressive bio to appear in the top search results. 

  • Create an IGTV series – It enables you to connect with real Instagram followers. Video contents on your feed get more engagement and result in more followers. If you haven’t created it, today is the best time to create your IGTV channel and to enter the competition.

  • Be diverse and inclusive – Having an accessible, inclusive and diverse account can drive your engagement and strengthen your community. The first step for creating an accessible account is to include subtitles to your video content. They are great for both, those who watch videos without sound and for the hearing impaired.

  • Work with micro-influencers – It is the best way to reach new audiences in 2021. They work on a smaller scale and offer a combination of reach and engagement.

  • Promote your content on other platforms – Cross-promoting through Pinterest and Tiktok are a great alternative to get real followers. 
  • Prefer lengthy captions – Longer captions enable your audience to learn about you, your brand and your vision and mission. By sharing additional information with your audience, you can build a large and stronger community. 

  • Create a branded hashtag – Besides attracting new followers, branded hashtags are ideal to build a community and to find user-generated content. A branded hashtag is your unique identity and reflects your company name, a specific product, tagline etc.

Final words –

Here we discussed the top 8 unique strategies and tips. In addition to help you get real Instagram followers; they will make you stand out from the crowd.

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