The Economic Impact of IPL 2024 on Host Cities


IPL 2024: Schedule, Venue & Team List | by Aditya Gupta | MediumThe Indian Premier League 2024 has a significant role in boosting travel in the host cities. Not only from within India but cricket enthusiasts from around the world travel to the cities to witness the matches live. 


The IPL has been a massive revenue-generating league, resulting in the blooming of various other industries around it. The tournament lasts only 2 months yet has a huge economic effect on the host cities. Moreover, it also attracts people to betting apps, such as Lotus365, for thrilling and fun experiences.


If we break down the key areas, we get-

Tourism Boost

 The IPL season brings in a lot of spectators who travel to the host cities around the matchdays. This influx of spectators led to a 20-25%  increase in travel and stay bookings in cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Increased Revenue

 The increased number of visitors during the tournament has led to a hike in hotel and restaurant sales. The additional revenue from ticket sales and the public transport make this tournament profitable for each party involved.

Local Bussiness

 Apart from the match, people also find themselves in shopping malls, shops, and regional markets to purchase team merchandise and jerseys to enhance their stadium experience. This also leads to an economic boost.

Employment Opportunities

The IPL is the biggest cricket league in the world and there are a lot of hardworking people in the backend to ensure a well-organized tournament. It creates temporary jobs for security personnel, ushers, caterers, vendors, event managers, and many more people.

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development is one of the most important aspects of hosting the IPL. The host cities have invested money in the development of new stadiums and renovation of the existing ones to ensure that they meet the safety standards. 


Hotels and accommodation facilities are improved to ensure the comfort of the visitors and the players. The public transport systems, roads, and traffic management have been taken care of to ensure the smooth movement of large crowds. 


In the long run, the infrastructure improvements that have been made with the IPL in mind not only encourage the sport there but also contribute to the long-term growth of the city.



The IPL 2024 has a significant impact on the host cities and the country. The tournament has benefited large and small businesses in every possible way. From creating jobs for people and supporting the economy to raising India’s international profile, the IPL has proven itself at every stage. 


However, it is important to look at some challenges during such times, such as a massive increase in number of people, traffic congestion, a lack of resources, and a few other things. 


Fantasy games, sponsorships, free broadcasting, advertisements, and fan interaction have proven vital in the success of IPL  2024.  Lotus365 satta matka is one such sports betting app that allows you to follow and play the game, giving you an unquenchable thrill.

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