The Guide To canadian investors visa: A Comprehensive Look At All You Need For Approval


The Canadian government has made it easier than ever to live and work in Canada with a qualifying investment. With the Canada Immigrant Investor Program, you can get a visa and renew your permanent resident status after three years.

Who Can Apply For The Canadian Investor Visa?

The Canadian Immigrant Investor Program is open to applicants who have a net worth of CAD$10 million and invest the amount of CAD$2,500,000.

What If I Don’t Meet The Eligibility Requirements?

An applicant who does not meet the eligibility requirements for the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program may still be considered for immigration through other programs such as:

-Quebec skilled worker program (QSWP)

-Federal skilled worker program (FSWP)

-Provincial nominee programs

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Applying For This Visa?

The main benefit of applying for this canadian investors visa is that you will receive permanent resident status and can live and work in Canada indefinitely. You will also be able to spend time outside of Canada and return to your status unchanged.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements?

The first step in obtaining a Canadian investment visa is demonstrating that you fit the conditions for the visa. You must have a lawfully obtained personal net worth of at least CAD$10 million and make an eligible investment in Canada in order to be eligible.

The investment may be made via a provincial or federal government agency, a Canadian firm that is publicly traded on a recognized Canadian stock market, or other ventures that have been authorized by the relevant authorities.

In addition, there are some restrictions on the types of investments that can be made. If the property is not commercial and does not contain more than five residential units, you are not permitted to invest in it. Similarly, you are not permitted to engage in businesses with less than 10 workers.

Aside from that, you will need to demonstrate that your money was lawfully obtained and that they have been moved from an offshore or domestic source for a minimum of six months before making your investment. A second requirement is that the qualified investment be completed within two years of completing your application for permanent resident status.

How Do You Prove Your Net Worth AndFamily Status?

When applying for this visa, you’ll need to prove your net worth and family status. Your net worth is the number of assets you have minus what you owe. Assets include things like your home, vehicles, and cash savings. You have to have enough funds in a Canadian bank account to show that you can make the required investment.

You also need to prove that you’re related to another person who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Do You Need To Have AUniversity Degree To Qualify For This Visa?

Do you need a university degree to qualify for a Canadian Investment Visa? No, but you will need to show that you have sufficient funds and investments.For full eligibility requirements, please see the Canada Immigrant Investor Program website.

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