The Need For Interim Chef (Interim manager) Is Increasing In Sweden


Interim solutions have evolved from being seen as a temporary remedy for struggling businesses to a critical tool for accelerating change. The interim manager is becoming more relevant in today’s economic situation. By hiring an interim manager from Scandinavian Executive, you may get a consultant with substantial experience in health care management and leadership.

On occasion, an interim manager is retained to oversee operations in the event of an emergency or planned change. To ensure that productivity and quality do not suffer during the transition to new management, the manager’s role is adopted from the start of the work.

An interim manager may lead your company during a restructure, when new requirements are imposed on the business when sick leave is taken, or while the recruitment of a permanent manager is underway.

Serving In A Leadership Capacity

Two of the most typical interim management jobs are development and change work. Several of our consultants have received education and certification from Scandinavian Executive in change management, and our interim managers have vast experience driving change.

The Interimschef (Interim manager) is a problem solver who can function as a counselor as well as a manager. Our work requires us to exercise situational leadership. As a consequence, we are able to adjust quickly and effectively to shifting conditions. We have extensive experience working with municipalities, regional governments, and private health care providers.

The Ideal Temporary Supervisor For The Suitable Task

The key purpose for employing a Scandinavian Executive Interimschef (Interim manager) is to ensure quality. We get references from past employers and do background checks on all prospective workers as part of our recruitment process. Our thorough recruitment process, a CV system that clearly summarizes the interim managers’ ability and experience, and our method for obtaining a strong job description from a client enable us to match the appropriate interim manager to an assignment.

When it comes to identifying the most qualified interim management for your business, we use the following steps:

  • Determine the assignment’s needs – The first step is to ascertain the assignment’s specifications. The requirement / needs are determined via a phone conversation or face-to-face meeting between the customer and the consulting manager. When the consulting manager asks questions to generate a complete job description, they take your expectations, assignment length, candidate profile, and more into account.
  • To be effective as an interim manager, a person must possess a variety of attributes, including a high degree of expertise and experience.
  • Once the job description is complete, the hunt for the perfect temporary manager(s) with the required abilities and experience begins. We perform our search using our CV system, which is organized by keywords for talents, experience, and degree of proficiency. Finally, the search results are evaluated.
  • It is the consulting manager’s responsibility to guarantee that the customer is supplied with the most qualified candidate. As a client, you will have access to the candidate’s CV or consultant profile in order to make an educated choice regarding the candidate’s appropriateness for the position.
  • Interim management candidates may be vetted by meeting with and interviewing them to determine their suitability for the post.
  • After the project begins, the consulting manager keeps frequent communication and follow-up with you as a client to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are capable of filling a wide range of managerial roles inside a corporation. It’s no secret that our customers value our nursing and care experience, as well as our leadership capabilities.

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