The Ultimate Guide To Easy Cleaning: How To Keep Your Floors Shiny, Bright, And Sparkling All Year Round


A clean home is essential for a happy family. It can also improve your mood, make you feel more relaxed, and boost your energy.

But, sometimes, maintaining the cleanliness of your home can be a task. And the task doesn’t get any easier as the years go by.

Therefore, it’s time to learn everything you need to know about cleaning. You don’t need to be an expert in order to take care of your house. All you need is to follow a few simple and easy steps. So, if you’re ready to give your home a spring cleaning makeover, keep reading.

What To Clean And What Not To Clean

  • When it comes to house easy cleaning, it’s important to know what needs to be cleaned and what doesn’t.
  • When it comes to the cleaning of hard surfaces, like floors and walls, you should try to keep them as clean as possible. If you have kids, you’ll probably want to keep their hands off the floors. But, if you are not a parent, this is not a big deal. You can still keep your floors clean. You just need to be careful where you step.
  • You don’t even have to be concerned about what you step on.
  • Since dirt is not allowed to settle on your floors, they stay clean for a longer period of time.
  • The same holds true for countertops, cabinets, and other areas of your kitchen. They don’t accumulate as much dirt, so they are easier to keep clean.

That being said, if there is a small area of your floor that has a lot of traffic, you might consider having it professionally cleaned.

How To Clean And What Not To Clean

Sanitizing: This is the most important part of any cleaning regimen.  Animals and humans alike carry a variety of bacteria and germs on their bodies and in their environments. When people are sick, these bacteria and germs can easily spread to other areas of the house. If this happens, your entire family can become sick.

Cleaning: This is the act of removing dirt, grime, and other unwanted particles from various areas of your house. Remember to wipe from top to bottom and from back to front. Washing dishes and laundry by hand is the only way to go.

Polishing: When it comes to cleaning, polish is the most underrated and underused cleaning method in this day and age. We all know that we should clean our house regularly. But we don’t do it. It’s as if we’re all waiting for someone to come and clean for us. Polish, however, is something you can easily do on your own.

If you want a clean and shiny kitchen, you just need to apply a little polish to your countertops, cabinets, and other areas that get frequently touched. Once you’ve finished cleaning, you can use medium-grade floor wax to add a nice shine to your floors.

An eco-friendly cleaning product is one that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. It’s also free of toxic ingredients, like Turpentine.  In fact, the only thing that an eco-friendly cleaning product should contain is water. The rest can be made of natural ingredients, like plant-based cleansers and soaps.

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