Tips for minecraft survival


If you’ve played Minecraft, you know it’s a great game for building things and shooting enemies from a distance but that’s only if you can last long enough to build everything before you run out of resources.

And that’s what makes Minecraft survival so challenging you won’t last five minutes without hunger and water, and you’ll need to think carefully about where you build your base and how you survive.

Build your base

Your first priority should be building your base, as this will help you survive longer if you build outside, then you won’t need to worry about the night because you have light from the sun. But, if you build underground, then you’ll need to prepare for the darkness, so build with light in mind.

You’ll need to build structures to build yourself a home and a place to store resources, such as food and items you’ll also want to build a place that can protect you from monsters.



Harvest your food

Another great tip for minecraft survival is harvesting your food there are many foods that can last for a long time, so don’t waste your time on foods that will spoil quickly. Instead, focus on foods that can last a few days, such as apples, carrots, potatoes, and melons.

If you have a farm, then you can grow crops that will give you food as well you’ll want to focus on crops that can grow back after harvesting, as there’s nothing worse than waiting for your crops to grow back and then getting hungry again.

Make sure you’re protected

Your shelter should be your first priority when building your base you’ll want to protect yourself from monsters and other players, so build a tower to ward off monsters and protect your resources. You can also use weapons and armor to protect yourself even more.

Another great tip for Minecraft survival is to craft doors in your shelter that protect you from mobs, as well as use a roof so no creepers or zombies can get in. You’ll want to protect large resources as well, such as your logs and stone.

Don’t go out alone

As challenging as Minecraft survival is, it is more challenging if you go out alone players are constantly looking for others to fight with, and when you go out alone, you make yourself an easy target.

That’s why you want to stay in your base and protect yourself if you want to come out of your shelter and experience the world, then make sure you’re protected.

You can use stuff like cactus to protect yourself from the damage creeper can do, as well as wearing armor to protect yourself from attacks.

Stay active

Your last tip for Minecraft survival is to stay active. You can stay active by building a farm or, if you have the resources, by building a McMMO either way, you can stay active by farming crops or killing mobs.

Your goal is to stay active so you don’t get bored and lose hope while Minecraft survival is challenging, especially when you’re hungry you can stay active by doing something you love and keeping your sense of humor.





There’s no doubt that Minecraft is a great game, but it’s also challenging, you’ll need to be prepared to last longer than five minutes without hunger and water, and think carefully about where you build your base and how you survive.

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