Top 5 Lead Generation Options for Solar Leads


Solar Lead Generation: 5 Effective Tips to Get You More Solar Leads Today!

Gone are the days when solar leads could be acquired with mailers, door-to-door sales, and cold calls. Poorly planned prospecting and marketing efforts have led to lower response rates and overworked, stressed-out sales reps, the repercussions of which can even damage a brand name. Successful solar installers make use of data to find and qualify solar leads before venturing out to turn the prospect into a sale. The following are the top five ways to generate solar leads:

1. Third party websites

SEO-dominating websites provide homeowners with quotes from multiple local installers as well as reviewers. If you’re a homeowner interested in solar, a simple google search can lead you to these third-party websites that are by far, the biggest source of organic leads for solar installers. 

2. Inbound marketing

A robust inbound sales process attracts leads to a business almost instantly. A reader-friendly online presence provides value to curious homeowners. An online presence generally includes active social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, paid Google advertisements, and a professionally designed website. Inbound marketing is a cost-effective way of generating solar leads.

3. Referrals

Referrals are the best way to get solar leads as they come to you pre-qualified. The challenge, however, is to build an efficient system and network. Once established, referrals that come your way will bring money to the bank. Nothing can build trust quite as much as one of your friends talking about your business’s integrity, skill, and professionalism.  According to a study, 83% of buyers consider the most trustworthy sources to be referrals from people they know.

4. Solar leads list

A solar lead list is another great way to ensure you get multiple leads. This solar industry standby is the most common way that solar installers find leads. While buying solar leads comes quickly and easily, it does not come cheap, making this an option only if your budget allows for it. 

5. Property data and owner info platform

If you don’t want to rely on lead generation methods that are passive, property data software tools can help you out. Such tools help to create, qualify and contact their own uniquely curated lists using publicly available data. A few data platforms are custom-made to include leads according to your income, equity level, roof types, and any other filter you like. This method gives you more control and real-time information when compared to buying a possibly outdated lead list as you can mix and match property data, mortgage information, and publicly available records to create localized leads that are perfect for what a business is offering. 

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