Usability of gambling websites


When you register with a bookmaker or a mobile casino with phone bill payments, you naturally want to find your desired bet quickly, registration shouldn’t take too long and the website should be easy to use. In the sports betting area it has become established that a certain standard is adhered to. This means, for example, that all available sports are listed on the left side of the page.

When you click on the sport, the available bets usually open in the middle of the page. If you then click on the odds, a bet will be automatically transferred to the betting slip. You then only have to decide on the type of bet and enter the desired amount.

The best betting providers have good mobile casino offers

Ever since the smartphone has become an integral part of our everyday lives, the importance of mobile betting has been growing. Therefore, today no betting provider can avoid offering an app for mobile devices.

However, a distinction must be made between two different variants:

    Native app

    Web app

With native apps, the application must be downloaded from the store of the respective operating system and installed on the mobile device. This has various disadvantages, for example many bookmakers do not offer any apps for Windows Phones and Blackberries.

Instead, most sports providers are now focusing on the web app. It can be operated in a similar way to the desktop version and runs on all common smartphones and tablet PCs.

The odds say whether typing at this online bookmaker is even worthwhile. You should only place your bet with this bookmaker if the odds are high enough.

Since you can never say in general which sports betting provider has the highest odds, it is now common for sports betting fans to register with different bookmakers and thus individually decide on the provider who offers the highest odds.


There are limits in different areas, for example in the customer area you can set limits for maximum deposits or maximum stakes with a recommended provider. There are also limits to the bets themselves.

However, these are usually not published transparently and vary from bet to bet. With most betting providers it is the case that the highest stakes are possible at König Fußball and important matches.

How does the betting provider deal with the betting tax?


Since 2012, bookmakers have been legally obliged to pay 5% betting tax on their customers’ stakes to the English tax authorities. However, it is not regulated how the bookmaker deals with this tax towards his customers. Therefore there are different regulations:

    The bookmaker pays the betting tax out of his own pocket

    The bookmaker deducts the betting tax from the betting stakes

    The bookmaker pays the betting tax for losing bets and only collects it for winning bets

No matter how a bookmaker deals with the betting tax, this is not a negative feature, because it shows that the bookmaker adheres to the applicable laws in English.

Best bookmaker FAQ

Which betting providers do we test?

    A.We always test betting providers when they are new to the market. Because then it is particularly difficult for a player to find out whether the provider works apart from fraud and rip-offs. After all, there are no customer experiences or other criteria by which the offer can be classified.

Which provider is the best betting provider?

    A.Based on the points awarded, we carry out a rating and present the best betting provider. However, this bookmaker does not have to be the best betting provider for every customer at the same time. It is therefore advisable that you read through the individual criteria that are important to you and decide on a provider that scores best in the criteria that are most important to you.

How does the grading work?

    A.Our experienced editors grade the sports betting sites individually for each test criterion. Each betting provider has to prove himself in the same criteria, so that everyone has the same chance to come off the test as the best betting provider.

Conclusion: You can find the best betting providers here!

If you are looking for the best and most optimal bookmaker, you should focus on the criteria that are most important to you. Because the bookmaker who has achieved the best rating with us does not have to be the one who is best suited for you.

Therefore, read through the individual test criteria very carefully and focus on the test criterion that is particularly important to you. Above you will find a list of the providers who have done best with us.

If you like one of the bookmakers, you can register there without obligation, free of charge and risk-free with a click on the button and at the same time redeem a worthwhile welcome bonus.


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