Vaping and How Can You Enjoy a Proper Inhale

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Most of you must be aware of vaping, which is a sort of inhaling act where smoke-looking vapor will be inhaled through an electronic cigarette. Vaping will simulate smoking in a little less harmful manner.

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What is a vape?

Vapes are electronic devices meant for people who can generate inhalable fog-like vapor, with nicotine and many other flavors too.

When the first vape was produced, it was called an electronic cigarette that was designed to look almost like a tobacco cigarette. Now several kinds of vapes are available with a different design, power, and also vapor-making ability. However, the basics of their usage and functions are almost the same as it was earlier.

How vape works?

All vapes usually work on the same device where there will be a battery source meant for powering a heating element, which is usually a coil that will vaporize e-juice within a small chamber that is called an atomizer. The user will then inhale the vapor by using a small mouthpiece.

A vape will work as a complete system. Many experienced users often shop vape as per their need for mixing and matching different vape parts, but as a beginner, you must stick to pre-packaged kits having everything included for ensuring proper compatibility.

How to vape

First, you must have a basic vape starter kit. There are 4 major categories for such vape kits for you to select from.

  • Pod vapes: prefilled/refillable and disposable cartridges
  • E-cigarettes: prefilled/refillable and disposable cartridges
  • AIOs: refillable and replaceable coil
  • Disposable e-cigarettes: prefilled and the complete device is not reusable

Your vape kits will come with instructions. The instructions will provide a full explanation of how to use the kit with useful diagrams for clarification. All vapes have to be filled with vape juice by the user.

So, based on the type of your kit you must get the best vape juice. You can select a flavor as per your choice and then choose your nicotine level. Nicotine choice will actually depend upon the user, but the following are a few general recommendations to get the best experience with different devices:

  • Higher nicotine: about 12 mg to 60 mg.
  • Medium nicotine: about 6 mg to 12 mg
  • Lower nicotine:  0 mg to 6 mg

Those who are not sure about what specific nicotine level will be right for them then can determine for themself what will be more appreciate for them based on whether they are heavy, light, or just a recreational smoker.

Extra high nicotine levels can be always felt fastest and also can have a more intense experience. Lower nicotine will take a little longer to feel, and will normally be a less intense experience.

After you decide whether you prefer to try low, medium, or high nicotine, you can start with the lowest levels and make sure that the power is suited to that level of nicotine.

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