Ways to Stay Safe Around Your Swimmingpool This Summer


Whether you’re a new pool owner or a seasoned swimmer, it’s always a good idea to be proactive about safety around your pool this summer.

The summer months are prime time for accidents and injuries, so it’s important to keep your pool space as free from hazards as possible and, as a pool owner, you know exactly how tempting these hazards are.

Whether you have a large backyard or a small in-ground pool, there are certain risks you should take extra precautions against this summer.

Keep the Water Clean

Make sure there are no leaves or debris sitting at the bottom of your pool, as these can make diving accidents more likely and, if you have a pool cover which we recommend, be sure to inspect it frequently for any tears that might let debris in.

Other than that, try not to leave your pool too long before cleaning it, you should ideally only allow a few days of build-up before giving your pool an extensive cleanse.

Install Pool Covers

If you have a pool, it is important to install a cover, less experienced swimmers are more susceptible to accidents that can cause injury or even death when they do not know the rules of the pool.

Additionally, Swimmingpool with covers will maintain its water temperature, this helps keep it from getting too hot for long periods of time which can be dangerous, and also helps it stay at a safe and comfortable temperature for swimming all day long.

Pool covers are easy to use–simply take them off in the morning and put them on at night you can find these covers in most stores or online, where they’re usually pretty reasonably priced.

If you don’t have a pool but do want one to protect your kids from other hazards like children climbing the fence, a cover is still necessary, it will just help protect your pool from debris like leaves and bugs that could potentially contaminate your water if left unchecked.

Make Sure Your Pool Equipment is in Good Working Order

Check your pool equipment to make sure it’s in good working order, check the filter, pump, and electrical wiring, and make sure the power is completely turned off before checking anything else.

Make sure your pool equipment is in good working order by checking the filter, pump, and electrical wiring. Be sure to turn off the power before you check anything else.

Kick off the shoes and enjoy the water

First, always keep shoes outside the pool area, and the dirt and bacteria from the ground will be washed off into the pool water when you walk across it and this can cause a lot of dirt to build up in your pool which can lead to cloudy, murky water.

If you have a smaller in-ground pool, it’s best to use a fence or gate around the perimeter of your pool so that kids and pets don’t wander into it, you should also make sure there are no gaps or holes in any fences surrounding your pool.

If you have a backyard with no fence, don’t worry! You can still use safety products like barriers and non-slip mats to create a safe space around the perimeter and if you’re swimming with children, make sure they know not to run on slippery surfaces around the edge of your pool and use safety floatation devices like life vests for young swimmers.

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