Why Don’t You Relax a Little with Golden Teachers?


The magic mushroom known as Golden Teacher or the Golden Emperor works like an ancient sensei when you consume it. It opens up benevolent wisdom in your brain thanks to its mind-altering chemistry that will figuratively blow your mind.

Speaking of minds, it’s been used to connect people the Universal Mind, making you one with the universe. Eat some golden teachers in order to have a golden learning experience when it comes to the limits of your imagination and creativity.

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  • The Universal Mind: The main appeal of Golden Teacher is that its speckled golden caps might as well be graduation caps due to how it unlocked the potential of your mind’s imagination or even the mind’s eye. It works kind of like DMT in a sense as described by Joe Rogan.
  • Educational World of Shrooms: Come with the Golden Teacher and you’ll see a World of Pure Imagination. Have an open mind when you consume these shrooms because they can allow you to think out of the box, particularly when you belong to a creative field like TV or movies.
  • Come Up with New Ideas: Instead of basing your ideas on what’s been done before, you can turn yourself into a groundbreaking savant by consuming some of these hallucinogenic shrooms, thus making others wonder where you come up with your original ideas.
  • Opening Up New Perspectives: The magic of magic mushrooms, particularly the ones called Golden Teacher, comes from how they start off as psychedelic but then graduate to something more philosophical. Your altered state enables you to view the world with different glasses.
  • Different Metabolism or Physiology: Another thing about the Golden Emperor that earned itself loads of fans is that everyone’s physiology is different so everyone taking the mushroom will tend to metabolize it differently. Everyone gets a different experience with the shroom.
  • A Different Experience Every Time: Your body size, metabolism, and physiology will affect how your brain will respond to the shroom. Your emotional state and physical surroundings will also be affected by your altered mind state.
  • Psilocybin is The Key Ingredient: How you react to Golden Teacher’s key ingredient of psilocybin will dictate how your individual brain chemistry will perceive the world around you, thus allowing you to seemingly experience the mundane as something special.
  • Watch Out If It’s Your First Time: The reason why you shouldn’t take shrooms with caffeine is because psychedelics and hallucinogenic drugs are best taken in a mellow mood rather than an agitated or excited way. First time users should brace themselves for an impactful trip.
  • Also Beware When Upping Dosages: You should also approach the Golden Emperor with care when it comes to significantly upping your dosage as though you’re a novice taking drugs for the first time. You should do so in a safe, comfortable, and familiar place.
  • Safety Precautions When Shrooming: When doing magic mushrooms, your altered mind state might undergo panic since even the familiar will be perceived as strange and alien while you’re high. Have someone with you ride the mushroom cloud to be on the safe side.
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