Why Use an AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap?


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As innovations continue to find their way into the firearms industry, some of these products have already been augmented to fit into the present trend. One such product is a cleaning accessory is the AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap: an invention that was motivated by user’s experiences. This article will be dedicated to highlighting some of the unique features of the AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap and why you should snag one for yourself!

If you own a firearm and shoot it more than once every few years, have more than enough reasons to go for an AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap. This firearm cleaner is slightly different from its predecessors; this is seen in its special lathwork located on the cup and tube. This “lathwork on the cup and tube” arrangement provides extra grip during the cleaning process. This is because of the absence of abrupt edges, so using a rag to wipe around the cup makes it a lot easier. You can also tighten the threads using the Moroder: an octagonal cup exterior.

Some of the Interesting Mechanics

When attaching the solvent Trap to the firearm barrel, the use of 1.375-24″ TPI Tube Threads is paramount. It lets the Adaptive Solvent Trap fit into different muzzle adapters to enlarge the configuration options. It is important to note that cup threads are 1.375-24″ TPI, and to keep it streamlined and less complicated, the cup threads are recommended.

The adapters are not sold separately; the Den comes with 1.1875-24″ to 1.375-24″ Adapter, a situation that allows extra accessories and additional aftermarket muzzle devices. But this feature is not really what makes the Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit unique; its 60-degree configurable storage cups with a modular design does. This feature, like other storage cups, is used to store and separate solvent.

Unlike many solvent traps (e.g. 1/2×28 solvent Traps), both the tube body and modular storage cups come in a single unit. So, while cleaning and trapping solvent, users have the power to decide the number of modular storage cups needed in the cleaning process. This depends solely on the type of caliber of the firearm it came with and the number of solvents required during the cleaning process.

More Reason to Consider an AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap

With all the 9 cups installed, it has the longest assembled transport configuration. The solvent trap weighs only approximately 10 ounces and comes in 8.75″ inches long in size; this feature makes it very easy to carry around; thus, the user’s convenience is guaranteed. That’s not all; when assuming its shortest configuration (when one cup is installed), it weighs just 3.5 ounces, 1.18″ Inner Diameter, and 3 inches in length. But for those of you who want an even shorter configuration, all you need is to keep removing the cups until you get the best configuration that suits your cleaning needs.

Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit is carefully designed with strong consideration of its performance. Finally, we think it will be relevant to add that the AD Radial-8 Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive kit contains 5/8×24″ and 1/2×28 solvent trap” thread mount and 60-degrees 9 Radial storage cups. Putting this kind of kit into consideration, it is, therefore, safe to say that it is the lighter version of the 7075 Billet Aircraft Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap. Visit armoryden.com, if you are interested in buying Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Traps.

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