Make new friends at work by introducing them to Indian online rummy


Building interpersonal relationships at our workplace are not only tricky but also challenging. However, it helps to have someone from work whom we can address as our friends. It is always easier to bond with people over a shared interest. Introducing our friends to online rummy is a great way to develop this shared interest.

Rummy is usually played in groups of two or more people. It is even better when the group consists of people we know and enjoy being around with. Playing online rummy with colleagues from our workplace is an ingenious way to get socializing. Over different gaming sessions, we can get to know each other better, bond over something we enjoy together and strengthen our relationships.

How playing Indian rummy at work can help us befriend our colleagues

  • Makes socializing easy

Socializing at work is tricky business, especially for us introverts out there. We have a pretty hard time making conversations with people in general. But when it comes to our colleagues from work, it is difficult to come up with appropriate topics to talk and chat about. However, when we are engaged in a fun group activity such as playing Indian rummy online, socializing becomes two-fold easier. We can always play a game or two together and catch up on the day’s events as we do so. Playing on our phones or laptop screens would mean that we don’t even have to make eye-contact during our small-talk!

  • Bonding over gaming

Over the years, playing online games together has proven to be a creative way to bond with people. By playing together, people get to know each other better. This is also a great way to discover new quirks from one another. People reveal how they think, analyze and behave in challenging circumstances. In the workplace, playing online rummy with a group of our colleagues can help us learn a lot about them. We can also exchange new tricks and tips from one another once we become regular players of online rummy.

  • It makes us realize that our work stress is shared stress.

When we begin playing with our colleagues, we realize that our experiences are shared experiences. Everyone feels the stress and pressure of meeting deadlines, handling clientele, adapting to new policies and so on. Similarly, everyone gets drained by the monotony and endless routine of it all. We realize that it is not only us who crave for a distraction, or a refreshing change every now and then. Playing online rummy with colleagues at work is a great way to bond over the shared stress, and find joy and relaxation over the shared recreational activity.


Introducing our friends and colleagues from work to Indian rummy online is an innovative way to work on our socialization skills. Playing together ends up improving our relationships, and makes it easier for us to work together on professional projects. Moreover, we learn that we are not alone when it comes to dealing with stress at work.