What do you need to know when planning to install shaggy rugs?

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Shaggy rugs have long been one of the best options in the industry when it comes to decorating your floor. During all the daunting tasks of keeping it clean and tidy, people prefer luxurious shaggy rugs over any other type of good-faith rug with the premium feel they wear.

These elegant and luxurious floor decoration elements form a unique addition to any decoration theme. We will discuss the different types of rugs available and how to care for them and how clean them.

Different types of shaggy rugs

Different types of fluffy rugs are now available, and although you may want to make a purchase, choose between the following depending on their features and appearance. They all differ in design standards, the material used in their construction, and the unique type of construction.


If you are looking for something else among them, then Flokati is your first choice. Initially, it was only available in a white or cream color variant, but due to technological progress, it can also be painted in various colors.

They are 100% fleece, although also on the back. The only biggest challenge is the care and removal of Flokati tapes due to their clear color tone. They are easily contaminated.


Wool is considered a standard material in the industry. They are soft, strong, and durable that will last for decades. They offer a unique texture and warmth that ensures a cool hardwood floor that you can create. They provide natural insulation for your floor.

Just remember that wool rugs are expensive, so you may want to think twice about using and placing your rug.


Stronger leather rugs are a great way to add an x-factor to your interior. They look great and are even better on tiptoe. Just their presence in your room can enhance the beauty of your interior.

The best thing about them is that their cleaning process is simple and convenient. All you have to do is apply a skin cleanser to them. However, it is necessary to pay attention to one important thing, i.e. to prevent food or liquids from spilling, as this could catch your pet’s attention and damage the herd. 


Acrylic fabrics are especially known for their unique properties, such as softness, stain resistance, and the luxurious premium feel that carpets bring. They offer a similar look and feel to fur while being cost-effective and budget-friendly. Acrylic yarn dyes well and thus provide rugs and carpets with strict color variations.

In short, choosing acrylic shaggy rugs is a good idea if you have a limited budget. They offer a similar texture and appearance to fleece and at a lower price. They paint very well and resist damage with very good color speed.

How to take care of Shaggy rugs?

There are some common techniques, such as broom sweeping or wiping handles to remove dirt and dust, vacuuming, dry shampooing, steam cleaning, and occasionally vacuuming with a white face towel or paper towel. We strongly recommend that you check the manufacturer’s care before selecting any of the above cleaning options. Also, keep in mind that some carpets require professional cleaning, so choose one that you can afford to clean.